Why dreaming? There are dozens of reasons that make Lisbon the perfect spot to visit and return. Here are 5 of them, discover yourself all other reasons that make this city unique.

1. History

Lisbon has over thousand years of history. During the XV and XVI centuries, Lisbon was the centre of global trade, especially spices and jewellery shipped in from the East and from Brazil. The city has a strong historic and cultural heritage and the beautiful architecture displayed throughout all around. Richly decorated palaces, renaissance churches, the castle, monasteries, 18th century buildings and avenues. All this sits atop seven hills and faces the majestic Tagus River.

2. Life and People

During the day you’ll notice a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Later, a wide variety of cafes, bars, restaurants, theatres and nightclubs cater for every taste. Lisbon is gaining reputation as one of Europe’s trendiest cities. Among with that, people are warm and friendly. The portuguese love visitors and are always ready to improve their english.

3. Food

Portugal has a surprisingly large variety of gastronomic delights. City of mixed cultures, tastes and spices, you will find everything from international, to regional and prize-winning cuisines. The fish and seafood in Lisbon is always fresh, and perfectly grilled. Unmissable the famous “Pastéis de Belém” custard tarts in the beautiful Belém area. With these and much more, the Portuguese are proud of their gastronomy.

4. Weather

Lisbon enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate, with mild temperatures most of the year and lots of sunshine (more than 250 days per year). In the winter, temperatures are around 14C, while in the spring around 25C. Summers are hot with temperatures around 30 degrees. Perfect, isn’t it?

5. Cost

Lisbon is rewarded as western Europe’s cheapest capital city to visit. You can take a nice breakfast bellow 5 eur and enjoy a perfect dinner with 25 eur. The cost to get in to various attractions and transportation is also below most of other developed countries.